False or True Labor Contractions?

Suzie asks:

How will I know if I’m having false or true labor contractions?

Ok, back to labour (I go back and forth with Canadian spelling and US spelling).

I have never had false labour. I have experienced very strong braxton hicks and they are a precursor to the real thing. I often would have those strong braxton hicks for several days before true labor. I have never been in a hurry to get to the hospital. I think insurance should pay for someone to come to your house and check your cervix to see how far dilated you are before you get to the hospital. Once Robb became a doctor, I would have him check me and never went before I was 6cm dilated.

About Catherine

Catherine is a mum who lives in Chesapeake, Virginia; she and her husband, Robb, have ten children, and have operated a family medical practice for thirty years. This blog is a place she shares thoughts and answers questions -- especially from other moms, but from anyone! -- about pregnancy and child-rearing, marriage, sickness and health, and lots of other things.
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