How soon after delivery were you walking? How soon back to normal?

How soon after delivery were you walking? When did you feel like you were back to normal?

As far as getting back to normal. Nothing is normal once you have kids. Every day brings surprises. It is a new journey and it will take you into lands you did not know existed (more on that later . . .).

After delivery, the first thing I wanted was a shower. As soon as they would let me get up, I had a shower. It felt soooo good to have a shower. I was always very fit so I think this was quite helpful for recovery. You should be able to walk shortly after delivery, unless you have lost a lot of blood. These days they send you home within 24hrs after delivery with your baby. Who is ready for THAT!

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Catherine is a mum who lives in Chesapeake, Virginia; she and her husband, Robb, have ten children, and have operated a family medical practice for thirty years. This blog is a place she shares thoughts and answers questions -- especially from other moms, but from anyone! -- about pregnancy and child-rearing, marriage, sickness and health, and lots of other things.
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