love song

Today I will sing a song about my true love
a song about how a couple of college kids
head over heels in love,
have journeyed for 37 years today
Years of growing up and growing together,
Learning about each other and ourselves.

Choosing to love beyond each other
First there were babies, now they are grown…
There has been sweetness and sadness,
highs and lows,
desperate times,
and days of relief.
The tears have flowed
but so many many times
it has been tears of laughter and joy.

We have held tight and let go
We have lived the “for better”, “for worse”
and “in sickness and health”
Always at my side, at my lowest moments, through soul searching, and chaos, through fearsome days, sunshine and rain, times of triumph and victory, and at the most extraordinary times,
has been my true love
No one knows for sure but me, he is my true love
So today I will sing a song about love,
my true love

and me…..

About Catherine

Catherine is a mum who lives in Chesapeake, Virginia; she and her husband, Robb, have ten children, and have operated a family medical practice for thirty years. This blog is a place she shares thoughts and answers questions -- especially from other moms, but from anyone! -- about pregnancy and child-rearing, marriage, sickness and health, and lots of other things.
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