Labor & Delivery

How will I know if I’m having false or true labor contractions?

When during labour will my water break?  Will it be a complete surprise like in the movies? 

What was the best/most comfortable position for you to labor in before you started pushing for delivery? 

What does “pushing” feel like? Like pooping? Will I poop on my baby?  

Is going to the bathroom extremely painful after delivery (when can I poop after delivery)? 

How soon after delivery were you walking? When did you feel like you were back to normal?

What kinds of breathing techniques helped you during labour?

And did you practise these beforehand or did you naturally know how to breathe during contractions?

 What do the contractions feel like in early stage 1?

Do they feel a lot different than the Braxton-Hicks contractions?

I’m worried about the transition stage. What are some tips to help cope at this stage of labour?

 What are some good snacks to eat during labour?

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